Maria B. Hosmer-Briggs
Writing and Communication Instruction
Academic Editing

What is IWC?

     Instructional Writing Consultation (IWC) is a multi-level, content-based approach to individuated instruction and development of writing skills. The consultant meets with the client initially to discuss the project the client will develop during consultation. Throughout project development, the client may meet face-to-face with the consultant in some phases, when direct instruction may be most effective. At other times, it may be possible to use e-mail for the work at hand.
     Consulting on shorter projects such as cover letters and application materials can often be conducted using email. Longer and more intensive projects (theses, dissertations, conference papers, grant proposals, or journal manuscripts) will require varied approaches. During the drafting process, for example, one-on-one editorial advising provides a platform for individuated writing skills development. By comparison, preparing the client for delivering conference papers or a dissertation defense demands attention to oral delivery as well as design and development of visual materials.

     IWC is a dynamic system that can benefit advising faculty as well as student clients by improving and polishing the communication skills vital to effective practice in the academic environment.